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EVE Haters

October 15, 2009
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Let me lay the groundwork first and just say that I’m really only venting here. I’ve been playing EVE for about 4 months now. It took me 3 free trials before I “got” why EVE is fun at all, but once I did, well you don’t start a blog about something if you don’t feel pretty strongly about it.

I also own an xbox 360 and a PS3, I don’t game with the PS3 it’s really just a bluray player for me. I do play a lot of games on my 360. My coworkers and I started a gaming group about two years ago, every month for the last two years on a friday night about 10 of us will pick a few games to play online together. It’s a total blast. Since I’ve been playing EVE I’ve casually suggested to some of my friends that they try it. None of them are really that into MMOs but I thought I’d give it a go anyway. No one is interested which is totally fine. But keep the EVE hate away from me.

Some of the comments on our gaming group email list include such jems as “Doesn’t EVE play itself?”, “EVE is for nerds”, and “I’m pretty sure you can play EVE and something on your xbox at the same time”. The “EVE is for nerds” comment was accompanied by a manufacturing and refining spreadsheet someone had made. OK fine, some friendly ribbing I can take it. I guess.

As I said it took me 3 tries to get into EVE so I understand how people could dismiss it. It’s just that now that I’m heavily ensconced in EVE, and I understand how complex and open it is it really bugs me that my friends don’t get it. But everyone has their own tastes in games and I’ve always been attracted to the more complex ones (can you say Advanced Squad Leader?) so I’ll have to forgive them but I really wish they would get their head in the game and HTFU.

/rant off

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