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Split Personality Part.II or Focus Man, Focus!

October 14, 2009

Continuing my experience playing two accounts…

I’m a generalist by nature, in RL I’m a generalist in my field where most people are specialists. I just like variety and different kinds of challenges. Unfortunately this is not rewarded in EVE so it’s time to focus (or at least try).

The biggest issue which I realized last night is that I’m simultaneously training both Siberian and Sterling to be Rifter Pilots. The whole point of having two accounts was to train one for PvP, and have the other to satisfy my generalist desires (Research, Exploration, Trading). I just got so swept up in my love of the Rifter that I didn’t want to wait for Sterling to train up enough to fly it effectively so Siberian Jumped in. Well That ends here.

I’ve put together a skill plan for each character which will keep both of them busy for at least two months. It would be way easier to stick to a plan if you could add as many skills to your in-game cue as you wanted. Then you could load them up and forget about it till skill christmas comes around. I understand why you can’t do this but I’m just saying I’m weak and end up switching up my plan when I get it in my head that all of a sudden I want to be an expert scanner, oh and then the ultimate trader, er well maybe a highly trained covert-ops pilot. Anyway you get the idea. It’s time to FOCUS.

As for playing two characters simultaneously, it’s not for me. Neither do I have the technological ability to play both at the same time in a manner to my liking, from an immersion point of view I just don’t like splitting myself between two characters. So when the 6 months of my Power of Two is up I’ll just transfer Sterling over to my Siberian account and play whomever I’m in the mood for, it’ll be rough giving up the dual training but I can’t afford to have two accounts if I’m not going to play them both.

As for now, Siberian will be funding Sterling while she learns to PvP. I’ve managed to get my financial situation under control and if Siberian can keep it up, Sterling will have as many fit Rifters that she wants.

Oh yeah! And my wife is out of town for a week so I expect to be spending quite a bit of time in New Eden.

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  1. October 25, 2009 5:21 pm

    If you are going to move both characters to the same account, you’d be better off just training one of them…better to have one higher trained character than 2 half trained ones…it’s rather pointless to train two characters on the same account really unless you are needing a specific role…which with only one account wouldn’t be needed.

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