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Fit to be a Rifter

October 12, 2009

In response to my Going Minmatar post Pastor Phelps made an excellent comment that I’d like to reply to. I was hoping that posting my fit in that post might spurn some conversation. I was curious what people would think of it being the first time I posted a fit of my own making.  I’ve been spending more and more time playing around with fits in EveHQ, it’s rather addictive.

So in defense of my Ruffian mark I fit let me clarify a couple of things and let you know what was on my mind when I put it together.

  • Still a N00b 🙂
  • I was really thinking more PvE than PvP, the addition of the web was really for practice with webbing tactics.
  • Designed with flying solo in mind.
  • The dual tank issue:
    • Siberian San is Caldari and has been shield tanking his whole life so skill wise I’m better off with a shield tank than an armor tank.
    • I prefer an active tank to passive in general.
    • In the tougher fights I was in with this fit, once my shields were down the armor plates gave me enough time to warp away, without them I’d have died a couple of times.
    • There wasn’t anything really helpful for me to put in the lower slots other than the plating.
  • Most of the fits I’ve seen online have 3 autocannons and a rocket launcher. Since I’m way more skilled with missiles than autocannons I dropped one for a launcher, and I chose standard instead of rockets simply so I could do damage at long range if I need to. This actually saved my life a few times. It’s really nice to be able to hit both at 500m and at 20km.

    The defense rests. Except to say after looking over the two fits you posted and taking another look at RifterDrifter’s awesome rifter fitting guide I’m convinced to rethink my fit, especially if I intend to be PvPing. Even for my solo PvE fit I’m going to try out an active armor tank and see how that fairs for me. I’ll be reporting on my next fit and how it works out for me.

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    1. October 13, 2009 11:56 am

      Nice blog, adding you to the blog reel on my site. Keep it up!

    2. October 13, 2009 1:16 pm

      The simple solution is just to train a little bit more armor skill. Dual tanking means you don’t do either one well.

      And get some more autocannon love on there. The ship bonuses will (partially) compensate for your lower gunnery skill.

      • October 13, 2009 1:25 pm

        I worked up a whole Rifter skill training plan last night. More armor and autocannon skills are on the way. And a new improved Rifter fit to debut soon.

    3. October 14, 2009 8:40 am

      Woot! Another convert! The rifter is by far the best combat frig in Eve, and you’re going to learn a LOT flying one. Flying minmatar forces you to bulk up on your core skills in a serious way, more so than with other races. But the upside is that after a while, suddenly a whole variety of ships become available for you to fly pretty well. Definitely check out Wenseley’s fits, is like the Bible for rifter pilots ;). If you want any fitting advice, give me a shout…always happy to help out a new rifter pilot.


      • October 14, 2009 8:44 am

        Thanks Aiden! Might just take you up on that fitting advice offer.


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