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October 1, 2009

Sterling is about halfway done with the tutorial agent missions, and Siberian flew around adjusting some market orders last night. Pretty quiet and non-eventful. I gotta say I’m loving the speed the Minmatar ships get. I hit the afterburner on my Rifter and I could hardly believe how fast I was going.

Now that I have two accounts I’m running one on my PC, and another on my Macbook (booted into windows). The Macbook gets about 15fps with all the graphic settings on low, so it’s just passable. Totally fine for making trading runs in highsec but certainly not for anything more dangerous.

Sterling is getting all my attention at the moment but I miss Siberian and I’m finding it difficult to play both at once. I’m not much of a role-player but a lot of my immersion from the game comes from “getting into character” in my head. It’s difficult to be invested in both characters equally, maybe I just need practice.

Really wishing I was at Fanfest right now.


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