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The Power of Two

September 29, 2009

sterlingblack And Sterling Black is born. Born to be bad. She can do what SIberian won’t, she isn’t nice, takes what she wants and sticks to her word.

Sterling will be picking up the 50 fights mantle from Siberian and she’ll be targeting first. Once I get her on her feet that is. When Sterling is done with the career agent missions and gets some training done she’ll be flying out to lowsec looking for trouble.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the Minmatar ships and really testing my mettle in PvP. Unlike Siberian, Sterling will be much more focused in her training, she won’t be trading, or mining, or manufacturing, she won’t be running a corporation or scanning down wormholes. She’s all about the fight.

Plus now I have two characters to play with in EvEHQ while I’m bored at work.

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