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Walking the Plank

September 27, 2009

I said I was going to lose two ships today but I ended up only losing one.

I was getting bored trying to find someone to blow me up and I started getting tempted by the piratical ways so I flew back to hisec, did some trading, some manufacturing, some ratting, and some scanning. All the while I can taste the salty tears the pirate in my head is promising me, if only I’ll turn away from the way of the citizen, face the stormy nebula and raise the Jolly Roger.

On A Ghost Blog there is a nice piece about avatars, and since I read it I’ve been thinking how I always play the good character. Sometimes before I start a game where I know I’ll have to make moral choices leading me down a good or evil path I tell myself “this time I’m playing the bad guy”. It never works out, I always end up falling on the good side of things, slightly morally ambiguous maybe but generally good.

Just maybe this time I could be the bad man. Maybe. EvE is so big and so open, the moral choices are not on rails like in most games. Siberian could fall from grace just simply by firing first, he could terrorize lonely miners and traders. He could join a pirate corporation and in the end he could leave and work his way back to the light becoming a citizen again. I’m tempted.

Of course Siberian wouldn’t do that, that’s not who he is at all, and that’s not who his sister Suki is either, besides all Suki does is sit in Jita. There is however one more empty slot and if I squint really hard into that empty square I can almost make out the Jolly Roger.

My name is Siberian San.

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  1. September 28, 2009 5:48 am

    I’m looking forward to following the tales of your fights! 😀

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