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Get Out of That Battleship and Fight Like a Man

September 27, 2009

Maybe the weekend isn’t the best time for Project 50 Fights.

I flew around for a long time yesterday looking for a fight that would last more than 30 seconds. Didn’t have much luck. If EvE had an arena like Kirith Kodachi suggests it should I would have spent all day there, losing ship after ship, drinking cheap beer and eating peanuts. And what if that arena had subsections where you could say bet on the fights or a garage where you could share and see player’s ship fits (say that 3 times fast). The arena could even have it’s own little market where player’s could sell prefit ships. There are many interesting possibilities and opportunities an arena would bring.

So instead of battling it out like a god in the ring, err and by that I mean getting blown-up lots in the arena, me and my Kestrel, Ruffian II  flew from asteroid belt to asteroid belt looking for trouble and not finding it. Sure I could have gotten insta-killed anytime I wanted there was plenty of gate camps to choose from but that’s not really the point. I’m looking for a taste of PvP not just practice warping my pod out. Plus I’ll admit it, the longer I flew around in Ruffian II the more attached I got to it. I’m giving it another go today. I’m determined to get blown up at least twice.

My name is Siberian San

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