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Silicate Glass, Coolant, and Ninjas, oh my!

September 23, 2009

I had a great day on the market. I nearly doubled my income while sitting at my RL work desk. The coolant I put on the market sold great but taking everything into account I’m still at a loss on my investment in the coolant since when my Badger II went boom I lost approx. 6000 m3 of it. But still it’s nice to have a little cash to work with again.

Tonight I made a few trade runs with some Silicate Glass, and made a quick million. I overlooked that this trade route would take me thru Aunenen but I made it ok.

Then things got interesting and reminded me why I like EvE so much.

I scanned down a Gurista site in my sec .5 system. Fitted up my Caracel and headed out. Cleaned out about 4 waves of pirates and proceeded to start my salvaging runs. There was at least 25 wrecks in the area and it was going to take me awhile to clear them all. About a quarter of the way thru two ships warped in. “OK fine” I thought. I carried on with my salvaging and one of them took a can of mine and turned red, shortly after the other one did the same. It was another Caracel and an Amarr Battleship so there was no point in fighting them. I targeted them both just for the heck of it and kept on salvaging. Eventually another ship arrived and I transmitted to local, “There’s enough for everyone, help yourself.” To which the caracel responded “I don’t want the salvage I want you”. I briefly considered fighting him in a 1vs1 but the amarr ship informed us that the nearest lowsec system was gate-camped, and I really didn’t trust that the caracel wouldn’t fly in some friends to team-up against me even if went went to lowsec. So I said I had to log soon anyway. He responded by telling me he wanted to give the stuff of mine he took back and I said no worries. Really not sure if he meant it or not. But it was an interesting encounter, and I added the caracel to my address book in case we meet again.

My name is Siberian San.

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  1. September 25, 2009 10:13 pm

    Typically, when a Ninja offers to give your stuff back, he intends to drop it in a can. When you go to pick it up, it flags you as red and he’s free to shoot you, lol. It’s sneaky, but hey, that’s why they call ’em Ninjas. If someone offers to drop a can, just ask why they can’t trade it back in station 😉 The learning curve of this game is pretty steep, even when you don’t figure in the various tricks and traps people can spring on you. Looks like you got a pretty good handle on things yourself, though, just thought I’d lend what advice I could.

    • September 25, 2009 10:32 pm

      Good to know, that didn’t occur to me but makes total sense now. I knew I shouldn’t trust him at all. Thanks for the tip.

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