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A place to call home

September 22, 2009

Having decided that the lowsec system I’d been living in was too dangerous I’ve started looking for a new home. I’ve decided on trading as my main source of income for the moment so I’m hanging pretty close to Jita but haven’t quite found the system of my dreams yet.

I’m completely reevaluating the pace and nonchalance I’ve been playing EVE at and with. I need to slow down and focus more. I’ve been training skills all over the place which I’ll continue to do but I need to focus on 1 subject at a time. I also need to stop making such high-value trading runs. I’ll make the same isk but just spread out the transport runs some so a loss doesn’t hit my bank account so hard.

So for the next two weeks I’ll be focusing all my attention on trading and manufacturing but leading up to this I’ll be training up some navigation skills that will get me aligned and out of gates faster. I obviously don’t have the skills or isk to outfit my badgers with equipment that will actually give me a fighting chance against pirates so I’m hoping being faster and more agile will save me.

My name is Siberian San.

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